Taking its name from a randomly generated WLAN password, Yaekahngai considers the screen as a portal to a hypothetical parallel world, with entry prerequisite to having access to the right gate and appropriate tools. A thorough search of the exhibition space reveals a subterranean system driven by a mushroom network and fiber-optic cables — now just to calculate the exact position between the standing stones, known to mark the points of transition into mythological realms.

But something isn’t quite right. Under closer scrutiny the seemingly organic growth is revealed to be an algorithmic repetition of the same six shapes and three hues; a trick well-known to experienced digital-world builders. The stars hang flat and unblinking, draped over a sky dome. Through the exhibition space window everything looks familiarly flattened and framed. Searching for passage into the world behind the glass, we might have already passed unwillingly into it.

hard finish plaster, pigments, fibreboard, steel, rubbing plaster, screw clamps, digital print on synthetic satin, monitors with computer-generated animation (2021)

photography by Johannes Puch

exhibition views at Kunstraum Lakeside