“The Hollow” (Agatha Christie, 1946) is a classic country house mystery and yet an unusual novel for its time because of its many female protagonists and psychology-driven narrative. Women of “The Hollow” are expected to behave according to convention: the dazzling Hollywood actress; the aristocratic lady of the house; the stubbornly independent working girl. The key to the puzzle is in understanding that the characters’ true motivations are in contradiction to their assigned identities: at first glance a murder mystery, “The Hollow” is actually a feminist and social critique.

Within this variety of characters, the exhibition focuses on the sculptress Henrietta Savernake. Appropriating parts of the novel that constitute Henrietta’s inner dialogue, “Woman in Green” examines an image of a woman artist as seen from the outside. Moody, coffee-drinking, introspective Henrietta is being observed — by the novel’s author and its readers and now by the exhibition audience.

varnished steel, concrete, uncoated sheet steel, climbing rope, chalk, digital C-print, spray paint (2022)

video installation “Woman in Green”
concept and art by Nika Kupyrova
directed and camera by Gerald Zahn
voice by Rosie Waites

DCP / HD Pal
6 min. 31 sec. / Teaser 47 sec.
Austria © 2020

photography by Janine Schranz

exhibition views at Bildraum 07