Maybe the belief that an appropriation is always a conscious strategic decision made by an author is just as naïve as believing in an ‘original’ author in the first place. (Michalis Pichler “Statements on Appropriation”)

Within the art context, it is fairly common for professors, curators and peers to recommend me to look at the work of certain known artists in relation to my own artistic practice. Interesting as a gesture in itself, these recommendations propose a complex interplay between reference, imitation, originality and plagiarism. As the recommendations originate in the perceived similarity between the works, they are one of the few opportunities to gain insight into how my own work is regarded.

Thinking about artists is a selection of artistic strategies from the list of recommendations I have collected over the years. A series of artworks developed in a fictional dialogue with recommended artists is an investigation into the artist figure, artistic labour, and the discourse on original vs. copy.

Thinking about Anselm Kiefer
steel, digital print on carpet, 170x200x150cm (2016)

Thinking about Richard Tuttle
steel, fibreboard, pencil, high-gloss varnish, found objects, 30x180x60cm (2016)

Thinking about Constantin Brancusi
fibreboard, imitation goldleaf
10 objects, 40x23x13cm each (2016)

Thinking about Isa Genzken
hand-made imitation of a plastic flower
55x12x6cm, epoxy resin, tarpaulin, acrylic, colour pencil (2016)