Among her three sisters she was the only one born within the strict parameters of human beauty. How strange she must have looked to her mythical Gorgon siblings! Nonetheless, this strangeness made both people and gods feel jealous and desirous; an entitled god raped he in a temple of another goddess, who in a fit of rage enchanted her hair into a coil of living snakes. Now she would turn whoever looked upon her face to stone. Her method of murder is a peculiar one: to capture the living form in the most ancient of art materials. Monsters are killers, we are told. Perhaps Medusa, after all, is just a talented sculptor.

photocopy on paper, tree branches, velvet fabric, colour filters, found objects

Untitled, steel, fake fur, Quartz crystals

photography by Janine Schranz 

site-specific installation at Parallel Vienna by invitation of Parnass Kunstmagazin